Gegè Telesforo is the finest vocalist in today’s jazz world.
His scat technique is impeccable and his creativity shines in both his concert performances and his brilliant “Vocal Jazz Concept” master-classes.

Gegè brings his extraordinary spirit, energy and a deep knowledge of the human scat voice and the physiology behind it to his work. What impresses me most is that he takes a personal interest in everyone with whom he works. Surely Gege’s artistry combined with his professionalism is a positive influence on his students and fellow musicians, who can benefit from working with such a gifted gentleman and rare performer.

I am so grateful for all of the growth and learning that I have experienced because of Gege’ Telesforo.
I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with him through the organization of vocal master-classes throughout Italy and abroad. My teaching career has expanded in a way I did not know was possible and I look forward to continuing this professional partnership for years to come. Gege’ puts his heart and soul into his profession. Among his other great attributes, it’s his sincerity and work ethic that keeps bringing me back to him.

Gege’ will surely continue his legacy of being an incredible role model for male and female jazz musicians/singers all over the world.
There is no one like him.”

Giovanna Gattuso
Director Venice Voice Academy