(Foggia-Italy 14/10/1961)

Singer, instrumentalist, composer, producer but also journalist, television and radio personality, GeGè Telesforo represents a professional figure of a thousand facets, the best of the living jazz tradition in Italy.

GeGè’s artistic endeavors started when his incredible vocal talent was discovered by the italian media celebrity Renzo Arbore. Over the years, he has developed his own personal style of “scat” singing, renewing a particular form of vocal improvisation almost forgotten abroad and which never existed in Italy.

Since the mid 80′s, GeGè put together the best musicians of the Italian Jazz and R&B scene (Roberto Gatto, Danilo Rea, Antonio Fara, Marco Rinalduzzi, Enzo Pietropaoli, Rita Marcotulli, Marco Tamburini, Dario and Alfonso Deidda, Amedeo Ariano, Max Ionata, Rossana Casale, Agostino Marangolo, Francesco Puglisi, Fabio Zeppetella, Marcello Surace, Alex Gwiss, Marco Siniscalco, Max Bottini, Giorgia, Stefano Di Battista, Rocco Zifarelli, Julian Oliver Mazzariello, Mia Cooper), performing a renewal of old jazz standards and his original compositions, using breathtaking arrangements and moving harmonies.

Thanks to his association with Ben Sidran, pianist, singer, writer and producer, GeGè recorded for GoJazz Records in important studios with the most recognized international musicians, and his undisputed talent has been exported around the world playing his part with The Go Jazz All Stars, performing with such Jazz and Funk “Masters” as Jon Hendricks, Dizzy Gillespie, Clark Terry, DeeDee Bridgewater, Phil Woods, Bob Malach, Georgie Fame, Clyde Stubblefield, Mike Mainieri, Bob Rockwell, Richard Davis, Phil Upchurch, Ricky Peterson, Frank McComb

For sometime GeGè Telesforo, leading bands as PureFunkLive, Groovinators, So Cool 5tet, has focused his musical evolution on a jazz- funk style, in which jazz elements and improvisations come together to form a rigorous and unmistakable rhythm dominated by groove.


“When I first heard Gegè on The International Doc Club, the television show he hosted in Rome, I said to myself, ‘Self, this is one bad motorcycle!’ That opinion has not changed, nor will it ever. Gegè is bad. He’s good too, of course, but he’s better than good. He’s BAD! When you hear him, you know you’re listening to a soul that’s on the inside singing out, not on the outside looking in. This ain’t no cat trying to git it”.

Jon Hendricks


“Gegè Telesforo, as Jon Hendricks has pointed out, is Italy’s foremost jazz
singer. He has hosted national radio and television programs for many years,
and is a media celebrity who represents the best of the living jazz
tradition. For several years, he was the host of television and radio programs that showcased the best international musical talent. He performed with or interviewed such stars as Dizzy Gillespie, Deedee Bridgewater, Betty Carter, Miles Davis, James Brown and Jimmy Smith. His recordings on Go Jazz have featured his scat-singing with such jazz masters as Clark Terry, Jon Hendricks and Bob Malach. But what makes him truly special is that he is both a bebopper and a bluesman. He is touring continuously, both in Italy and around the world leading his own bands, a hard-driving collection of talented musicians who can swing and groove as hard as any group in the world”.



Gege’ Telesforo is the finest vocalist in today’s jazz world. His scat technique is impeccable and his creativity shines in both his concert performances and his brilliant “Vocal Jazz Concept” master-classes.
Gege’ brings his extraordinary spirit, energy and a deep knowledge of the human scat voice and the physiology behind it to his work. What impresses me most is that he takes a personal interest in everyone with whom he works. Surely Gege’s artistry combined with his professionalism is a positive influence on his students and fellow musicians, who can benefit from working with such a gifted gentleman and rare performer.
I am so grateful for all of the growth and learning that I have experienced because of Gege’ Telesforo. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of working with him through the organization of vocal master-classes throughout Italy and abroad. My teaching career has expanded in a way I did not know was possible and I look forward to continuing this professional partnership for years to come. Gege’ puts his heart and soul into his profession. Among his other great attributes, it’s his sincerity and work ethic that keeps bringing me back to him.
Gege’ will surely continue his legacy of being an incredible role model for male and female jazz musicians/singers all over the world.
There is no one like him.

Crossover Singing Method
by Giovanna Gattuso
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title: Nu Joy
artist: GeGè Telesforo
release date: 2012

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title: So Cool
artist: GeGè Telesforo
release date: 2010

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title: Love and Other Contradictions
artist: GeGè Telesforo
release date: 2007

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title: Groovin' in the Swing of Things- The Best of G.T.
artist: GeGè Telesforo
release date: 2005

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title: Opopomoz Blues
artist: GeGè Telesforo
release date: 2003

title: We couldn't be happier
artist: GeGè Telesforo
release date: 2002

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title: P.F.L." 100% OFF-Pure Funk Live
artist: GeGè Telesforo
release date: 1997

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title: P.F.L." 100% OFF-Pure Funk Live
artist: GeGè Telesforo
release date: 1997

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title: Gegè and the Mother Tongue
artist: GeGè Telesforo
release date: 1996

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title: Gegè and the Boparazzi
artist: GeGè Telesforo
release date: 1993

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title: Gegè Telesforo
artist: GeGè Telesforo
release date: 1990


1977- 1979
“Dimensione Jazz” per Radio Foggia
1981 “Tra la Gente” per Radio UNO RAI
1987 RADIO DIMENSIONE SUONO autore e conduttore di programmi musicali e talk show
1993 Inviato speciale al FESTIVAL di SANREMO per RADIO VERDE RAI
1990-95 Autore e conduttore de “I Rompitasche” per R.D.S.
1997 Consulente musicale e autore dei programmi del Satel-Radio di Rai International
1998 Autore e conduttore di una nuova edizione de “I Rompitasche2 per R.D.S.”,
2002-’06 Capital Groove Master su Radio Capital


Direttore Artitico del Benjo Festival di Benevento
2001 Rocce Rosse Blues Festival di Arbatax
2005 Monteroduni Jazz Festival
2006/’09 Groove City di Bellaria Egea Marina
2009/10 Groove City Summer Edition a Peschici


1982 nel cast di “Telepatria International” di Renzo Arbore
1984 nel cast di “Cari Amici Vicini e Lontani” di Renzo Arbore
1985 nel cast di “Quelli della Notte” di Renzo Arbore
1986 nel cast di “Marisa LaNuit Electoral” (Special elezioni) di Renzo Arbore
1987-1989 conduttore, e autore con Renzo Arbore e Ugo Porcelli, di “D.O.C. Musica e altro a Denominazione di Origine Controllata” e “International D.O.C. CLUB”. Nello stesso periodo presenta “D.O.C. Offerta speciale” “Speciale D.O.C.”
“D.O.C. Speciale da New Orleans” “Vetrina D.O.C. Estate”
1988 Presenta per RAI 2 “Umbria Jazz Festival”
1990 Presenta “Sanremo International” per RAI 1
1991 Presenta “La Notte contro i Razzismi” e “Notte di Musica Italiana” per RAI 2
Presenta “Sanremo Jazz” “Sanremo Blues” “Sanremo Famosi” per RAI 1
Presenta “30″ Anniversario Amnesty International”: Serata di musica Italiana” per TELEMONTECARLO
1994 Presenta “Sanremo Famosi” per RAI 1
1995 Autore e consulente musicale di T.R.I.B.U. per TELEMONTECARLO
Per CANALE 5 in occasione della maratona televisiva “30 Ore per la vita”, conduce nella fascia notturna il programma “Le Voci della Notte”
Su ITALIA 1, presenta da Piazza San Giovanni in Roma il gran finale di “R.D.S. LIVE”, concerto organizzato dal network Radio Dimensione Suono.
Su TELEPIU’ presenta con Ezio Guaitamacchi, la versione italiana degli MTV MUSIC AWARDS
1996 Conduce con Mara Venier lo spettacolo “Un sogno americano, Tim Time Gershwin”, una prima serata di RAIUNO con la partecipazione tra gli altri di Chaka Khan, Dionne Warwick, Maurice Peress
Ancora per RAIUNO, realizza servizi da Pistoia e Perugia in occasione della sua partecipazione al Pistoia Blues Festival ed a Umbria Jazz
1997 Per TELEPIU’, in diretta dal Lido di Venezia, presenta con Ezio Guaitamacchi le serate speciali di musica e incontri cinematografici in occasione della Mostra del Cinema di Venezia.
Realizza il suo “film-documentario” dal titolo “P.F.L. Pure Funk Live”, il racconto delle giornate di registrazione live dell’album omonimo alla Fiera del Levante di Bari.
Per la Stream, presenta i concerti (in esclusiva della pay tv italiana via cavo) registrati a Perugia in occasione di Umbria Jazz ’97, Umbria jazz
2002 In occasione del Telefood Day organizzato dalla FAO presenta in diretta per RAI International uno special sulla nuova musica italiana di tendenza.
E’ autore e conduttore con Serena Dandini della seconda edizione del World Food Day Concert organizzato dalla FAO, proposto su RAITRE.
2000-’02 Collabora con Canal Jimmy ( Telepiù ) per la realizzazione di special musicali sulla storia del Rock.
Sempre per Canal Jimmy presenta in diretta via satellite “La Notte dei Grammy Awards”
E’ consulente per i canali tematici musicali pay per-view di STREAM.
2005 Autore di “Speciale per Me-Meno Siamo Meglio Stiamo” RAI 1 di Renzo Arbore
2011 Autore e conduttore per RAI 5 di “UMBRIA JAZZ 1973/2011- appunti di viaggio con swing”

So Cool - album: So Cool
Freedom Jazz Dance - album: We couldn't be happier
The Rule of Thumb - album: Love and other contradictions
Jam in the Night - album: So Cool
Here but I'm Gone - album: Love and other contradictions
Seen in My Life - album: Love and other contradictions
The Groove Master Shuffle - album: So Cool
RAIUNO: Gegè Telesforo con Fiorello

Fiorello a sorpresa chiama Gegè Telesforo sul palco per un’improvvisazione vocale.

London Cargo Club April 16 2007

Perugia Umbria Jazz Teatro Morlacchi July 8 2007

GeGè Telesforo vocal, Mia Cooper vocal, Fabio Zeppetella guitar, Max Bottini bass, Marcello Surace drums, Alfonso Deidda sax keyboards

Gege Telesforo, Jon Hendricks and Clark Terry

Gegè Telesforo, Jon Hendricks and Clark Terry perform “Mumbles” at Skyline Studios in New York in 1993.

Filmed by Peter Gilbert, conducted by Ben Sidran.

Mother Tongue (Telesforo-Sidran-Peterson)

Teatro Pavone di Perugia 13 luglio 2006

Gegè Telesforo vocal, Dario Deidda bass, Alfonso Deidda sax-keyboards, Fabio Zeppetella guitar, Marcello Surace drums

Man & Machine

Beat box with Go Jazz All Stars live @ Ohne Filter-Baden Baden 1998

Freedom Jazz Dance

GeGè and The Groovinators live @ “Fara Music Jazz Festival ’08″.

Produzione: Uccis Video


marco rinalduzzi-guitar, alessandro gwis-keys, marco siniscalco-bass, giovanni imparato-percussion, roberto gatto-drums, babyra soul-backing vocals


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Roberto Ramberti
Publishing & Marketing Director

Gegè Telesforo

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